bride and groomThe Master of Ceremonies (MC) at a wedding serves somewhat like a tour guide or cruise director-only it’s for the wedding activities and events at the reception.

Choosing a MC is not an easy task as the right person must be comfortable talking to a large group of people, be a good speaker with a commanding voice and be able to take control of any situations that may arise in a diplomatic way. It is important that the person takes the responsibility seriously, knows not to get drunk before their duties are concluded, uses appropriate language (especially considering that the guests could range from very young to fairly elderly) & keeps jokes clean and appropriate.

He or she will make introductions and announcements; help keep guests and attendees informed of vital information and what is happening at particular times, and help each event transition smoothly into the next. The MC is the primary speaker, commanding attention at the appropriate times, but only speaking briefly at each interval, focusing the attention on the bride and groom or else the person being introduced. Usually a wedding MC will have a microphone so he or she can be easily heard throughout the room and can get the attention of guests when necessary.

The wedding MC makes many announcements to guests throughout the day or evening, including general housekeeping, pointing out where the loos are and any other information which is beneficial to the guests. They will also announce the arrival of the new “MR & Mrs” when the couple make their grand entrance at the reception.

Along with introducing speakers, the MC will let guests know when its time for the cutting of the cake, the first dance, the tossing of the bouquet and garter.

The MC is also the “go to person”. The venue staff, DJ, photographer, etc must be made aware of who the MC is and if there are any problems or issues these should be directed at the MC, so that the bride & groom can relax and enjoy their reception.

Happy Planning!

Nicky – Wedding Planner, Delamore Lodge