The Team

It is a cliché, but passionate is the best way to describe the team at Delamore – we just can’t help ourselves!

Owner and founder Roselyn is very hands on, and has always led by example, her incredible shopping skills are seen throughout the lodge in the gorgeous décor and furnishings.

Executive Chef Aaron, creates masterpieces on a plate, but wait there is more , he is also our resident “Mr Fix It”, so it is highly likely that you will see him in his gummies on the ride on mower or up a ladder hammering away at something – what would we do without him??

Grace is able to move seamlessly between the kitchen and guests, champagne bottle in hand, smile on her face, keeping everyone very happy.

Kylee is the lady that makes you go, aaahhh – our resident beauty and massage therapist is the master of relaxation and stress relief.

Liza is our resident bean counter, she does try to curb Roselyn’s shopping sprees, but is fighting a losing battle.

Nicky is our wedding planner and events manager, she is also pretty handy when it comes to websites and marketing, so tinkers away at that too.

Anabella and the awesome housekeeping crew keep the lodge spic and span and shiny bright.

Jake and Louis are the resident hounds, they love cuddles and a good scratch on the belly – Jake also loves chocolate (he has been known to raid the odd handbag).

We all consider ourselves extremely lucky to come to work every day considering the amazing place we work in – it truly is one of the most spectacular “offices” in the world! We can’t wait to share it with you and welcome you to Delamore.